Lamontville Goodnews Creche

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South Africa: Goodnews Centres – Lamontville and Marianhill

Lamontville Goodnews Crèche

Lamontville Goodnews Crèche is a pre-school centre is set in a squatter camp within a township on the outskirts of Durban, South Africa. The pre-school opened in January 2008, and now provides formative education, care and food for 30 children aged 3 – 5 years. Meal a Day funds the feeding programme and some of the teachers’ salaries.

There are over 1 million orphans in South Africa due to parents dying of HIV/AIDS and the children affected by HIV are left seriously malnourished. It is therefore very important that the children receive a healthy balanced diet each day when attending the centre.

The children receive two meals a day at the centre. Breakfast each morning consists of vitamin fortified mealie meal (ground maize) and milk. Lunch is savoury mince with rice or pasta, or macaroni cheese, with vegetables or tomato sauce, followed by fruit and juice. The children also have an afternoon snack of biscuits and juice.

Mariannhill Goodnews Crèche

Mariannhill Goodnews Crèche is another pre-school situated in a township close to Durban. Meal a Day funds the feeding programme for 30 children. The teachers take it in turns to cook the meals, which consist of a porridge and milk for breakfast and a good, balanced meal at lunchtime. The children have mince twice a week and other protein sources on the other days.

This is a fairly deprived area with housing ranging from basic 3 or 4 room block houses to shacks thrown together from tin shacks and cardboard. Most of the children attending are orphans or children of single mums. There are other crèches in the area but the children would have to walk several kilometres up the hill to attend if Mariannhill were not there. A number of the children are HIV positive and the success of their treatment depends on them receiving a good, nutritious meal each day.

Feeding projects in Kenya.

CMaD supports 9 feeding projects in Kenya for children of preschool age 4-7 yrs. Primary School starts at age 7 in Kenya for those fortunate enough to attend.

The pre-schools(known as Early Child Development Centres) are run on a voluntary basis by local Christadelphian Churches. Each of these projects aims to give the children a good start in life.  Many children are from families who struggle to provide the children with a meal a day.

Three of the projects are located in Eastern Kenya and support 220 children. CMaD funds the morning porridge.  The porridge is made with maize meal and millet with other grains added to enhance the nutritional value of the meal.

A further four projects are located in Western Kenya and CMaD funds the food for 240 children.  Here too, the local Christadelphian Churches run voluntary Early Child Development centresin church halls. CMaD funds morning porridge and lunch at these projects.  Lunch will normally comprise maize, meal made into Ugali, and beans or rice and beans.

There are also two long standing infant school projects, each meeting the needs of 90 children. One is near Mombasa, and the other located on the edge of the Kibera slum, in Nairobi.  At these projects CMaD fully funds the education of the children as well as the feeding programme.

As always CMaD relies on donations to meet these costs. Typically the feeding costs areabout £5 per month per child.