Our Projects

Our projects

One thing’s for sure, here at CMaD we support a lot of projects throughout the world! Current we work in over 14 countries in Africa, as well as Bosnia and Israel, and we’re passionate about every single one of our projects! We’d love to tell you about all of our projects, because we think they’re great, but we appreciate that not many people have got the time to do that.

So we’ve broken our projects down into 5 areas, and for each area we’ve selected one of our projects as a case study example to give you an overview of the type of work we do!

The five areas our projects fit into reflect five key needs that exist for those in poverty, and are:

Water and sanitation – because access to clean water saves, and changes lives.

Agriculture and feeding – without a sustainable source of food, poverty will always exist.

Health and disability – good health + access to care is vital in the battle against poverty.

Orphanages and Child Protection – helping children who are too vulnerable to help themselves.

Education and Training – investing in people’s future helps to combat long term poverty


We have included all our projects and sponsorship into a list, so you can take a look at what you may want to sponsor:

CMaD project sponsor opportunities

We are so thankful for generosity from everyone who donates so we can reach positive outcomes in our projects